Droid Does My Life

Google Maps Navigator on the Droid

Google Maps Navigation on the Droid

Let me be honest; I’m a mobile phone addict.  If I were to lose my phone or break my phone, I would be utterly lost until the replacement arrived by mail.  This is no new addiction.  I went out and purchased my first mobile phone somewhere around 1998 and have had one ever since.  Of course back then, devices were so basic and I would do anything to buy the newest device with the newest technology.  Text messaging, polyphonic ringtones, picture messaging, etc. were some of those new technologies.  Today’s technology is incomprehensible compared to back then.

I have been a device manufacturer hopper using Nokia, Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, Palm, and even Apple’s iPhone but nothing has ever met my expectations with what I own now, Motorola’s Droid!  This device surpasses any other device on the market, period.

There are now over 50,000 apps on the Android Market, 60% (30,000) of those being free.  Of course Android is an open source platform which makes it all the better.  I thought it would be fun to share with you my 10 favorite Android apps that I feel are the greatest thing since slice bread.

#1  Google Maps Navigation This free app is by far my favorite and most used.  I have no need for my Magellan GPS with this free app.  I can type search or voice search an address, business name or place of interest and it accurately navigates me with a clean, crisp voice every time.  I have a wide array of views to choose from and it will alert me of traffic conditions and alternate routes to get me to my destination faster.  If I want, I can create a route.  It also displays satellite views of where I am, where I want to go as well as an actual street view making it amazing to find landmarks and destinations!

#2  Barcode Scanner This free app scans any bar code on a CD, book, DVD, candy bar, spark plug, ice chest…you name it, and tells you all about it.  It will give you the name of the product, information and ratings, a URL to the manufacturer, sites that sell that product and how much it costs, it will even tell you where to go buy it for the cheapest based on your location.

#3 Google Goggles This free app is fun and extremely handy.  Simply take a photo of a book cover, a landmark, a logo, a product, a business, etc and it will tell you what it is and provide you with a link to tell you all about it.  Lets say you’re in an art museum and you see a beautiful Dalí painting and want to learn more about it, simply take a picture and viola!

#4  WordPress This free app is a must have to do exactly what I’m doing right now, blogging to you fine people on my WordPress blog!  In fact today’s blog is being written, edited and posted all from my Motorola Droid!

#5  PDAnet This free app allows you to connect your laptop to the internet should you be in an area where WiFi is not available or if you don’t feel like paying for expensive WiFi access, such as an airport.  Simply plug your Droid into your laptop via USB or connect via Bluetooth, open the app and press “connect”, and you’re on the web.  Your not charged for usage at all.  The only thing is the free app blocks secure (https) connections, but if you buy their full version for under $20, the block is lifted.  Of course…I know a way around that!

#6 FiOS Mobile Remote This free app enables your Droid to be a fully functional Verizon FiOS remote control!  This is a must have for people who lose their remote or simply hate clutter.  It connects to your receiver via WiFi and does everything your ordinary FiOS remote does.  It’s fast, accurate and AWESOME!  Want to have more fun with this app?  You can also view your Droid’s media with a flick of the thumb and then it pops up on your TV.  Create a slide show to show your friends, all wireless and from your Droid!

#7  Verizon FiOS Mobile This free app is your best friend if you’re a FiOS customer.  View full program listings like you do on your TV.  Search for programming, schedules, information, cast, etc.  Not home to watch it in time?  Then record it on your DVR from your Droid!  You can even view your DVR’s recordings and delete programs right from your phone!  I love this app!

#8  Google Voice This free app allows you to tap into your Google Voice account.  Receive and make Google Voice calls, texts, etc. from your Droid.

#9  PhoneMyPC This $10 app allows you to access your PC, wherever it may be from your Droid.  If your on your way home you can start-up your PC so it’s ready and waiting when you get home.  If you’re out and about somewhere and need to access information or files from your PC, you can do it all from your Droid!

#10 Cardex This free app allows you to eliminate any and all of your rewards cards and even gift cards and store them all on your Droid.  It’s preloaded with 100 companies but it’s very simple to add your own.  You simply select which card you want to store, let your Droid scan the bar code and that’s it.  Simply scan your Droid at the register to receive your discounts or rewards points.  With gift cards, it will also show you the available balance.  I have 24 different rewards cards loaded and I use this all the time.

So there you have it…10 of my all time favorite Droid apps.  It’s really hard to narrow it down to 10 because I use so many of them for so many reasons.  If you’re a proud Droid owner, try these out.  If you’re not a Droid owner yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?

Even Steve Jobs loves the Droid


~ by misterdudeblog on April 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Droid Does My Life”

  1. nice blog my friend.. and I especially like how you borrowed my pic of Steve Jobs.

  2. I love my droid too! And it does a lot less than yours does!

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